Farmer's Markets Growing in Fort Worth

Farmer's Markets Growing in Fort Worth

If you’re looking for some supplemental income—or having difficulty finding a job—in Fort Worth, you might want to turn to your own backyard—or your window sill, if the case may be.">Farmer’s markets are becoming a hot commodity in the Dallas-Fort Worth area these days. Two new farmer’s markets are even coming to the area—the Four Seasons Market, which is set to be open all year, and the Coppell Farmer’s Market.

Not only does growing food provide a source of income—it also provides cheap and easy sustenance for a person—or family—on a budget. And the process of growing food isn’t the only form of a personal food business; by canning, preserving, and creating healthy homemade creations, you can also make some money.

To grow your own fruits and vegetables, reading the label that seed packets arrive in often yields enough information to get started. However, searching for information on growing your crop(s) of choice—or simply on how to grow foods—can also help.

Of course, fruits and vegetables aren’t the only things in demand in the farmer’s market. Herbs can be grown to sell. Either fresh or dried, they are usually very cheap to grow, easy to care for, and harvest well. There are plenty of step-by-step guides to growing and selling herbs online as well.

If you do decide to utilize the farmer’s market, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Be sure to use a reputable market that gets plenty of business, or you may simply end up toting the fruits of your labors right back home. It should also be a sanitary market known for good management—a dirty market will not only put customers off, but could also have the potential of spoiling your foods.

Create an attractive booth with a display and avoid putting crops on the ground. List prices, as well as information on how the crops are grown; and keep veggies in the shade if at all possible. You might also want to include recipes for customers to try. For more tips, visit the University of Minnesota’s page on farmer’s markets and selling crops.

To get crop seeds, visit your local home improvement store, plant nursery, or simply use the seeds that come in your own food purchases.

For a list of farmer’s markets in Fort Worth, visit the Fort WorthTown Mall website.