Fort Worth Employment

Fort Worth Employment

Not exactly a "Lone Star", but it could be worse.

If you are looking for a job in Fort Worth, you are probably aware that the pickin's are a little slim. Perhaps you are one of the millions who have been out of work for a long time and you are starting to lose hope. I don't blame you for that because 8.2% of anything, let a lone unemployment, is pretty high - but it could be worse.

I am writing today to tell ya'll that you will find that job. Maybe you need a little inspiration to get you back on your feet and out there. It probably bores you to death to read over and over that you just need to keep applying to land that great job - and while this is true (and boring) I am going to take a slightly different approach.

How would you feel about yourself if you spent your days complaining, crying, and pouring over dead ends - volunteering instead? I would think a little better about both yourself and the situation you are in. There are so many out there who are less fortunate and if you could give your time to a meaningful cause you might be really good at it and end up getting a paying job! Even if you don't volunteer work looks much better on a resume than months or years of empty space.

Give it a shot! If you need inspiration, check out Volunteer Match where you can get hooked up with causes you care about. Do yourself and those in your community some good and volunteer the time you might currently be wasting on bad TV in a hopeless daze. The results might surprise you.